Generous Donors

We have had the opportunity to see God's provision for the tLS vision through people giving sacrificially.  The people listed below are those who have given time, money, and/or resources that are invaluable to our efforts.  They do this merely for the belief they have in our mission, not for the recognition.  However, we are grateful for their giving and want to recognize them in a small way here on our list of Donors.

Thank you


Apostles Church NYC, Orlando Community Church, Erin Carter, and Emily Cable for your donations and support of our efforts to offer care and recovery following the tornado in Joplin in 2011.  Your contribution helped us make the trip and give support to so many, including the financial gift we offered to Mark Neuenschwander (2010 Guest Limner and local photographer) after the loss of his photography equipment in the complete distruction of his home.

Christ's Church of Joplin, and the Struder family for hosting us and providing ways for us to support your community.

Jamie and Teresa Leahey for your sacrifice in partnering in our care for Joplin.


Christ's Church of Joplin, for hosting the SOTA presentation, your contribution of printing costs for the SOTA Workbooks, and sharing of church personell to help administrate the 2010 Limner Gathering.

Clevenger Financial, for your financial backing of our studio space for the 2010 Limner Gathering in Joplin, MO.

Jerry's Artarama, for your generous donations of canvases for the 2010 Joplin Gathering and art supplies for the 2009 Orlando Gathering.  The boxes and boxes of goods you supplied to us were well used. In so many ways you freed the Limners and Guest Artists from any material limitations on what they could create to bring their ideas to life and share them with their thirsty audience.

AWE, Arts Worship Experience, and Orlando Community Church, for your generous funding of artist lunches, studio rental, and more for the 2009 Orlando Gathering. It may be obvious to say, but we really wouldn't have been able to have the Gathering without your contributions.

Downtown Marriott Hotel, Orlando, for the donation of rooms to house the Limners and Guest Artists during the duration fo the workshop and exhibition opening.  We were well housed and treated like royalty during our stay.

Rod Granberry III, for coming alongside us in our infancy as our first and only Board Member for a time.  Your commitment to several years of printing our cards at your expense and contributing time and prayer to our efforts was a great sacrifice.  Your gift of service and substance has helped us continue our pursuit of our mission.