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Guest Artist Guest Artists

Apply to be a Guest Limner

If you are interested in participating in the next Limner Gathering, use the online form to submit an application. You must be 18 years or older to apply. We welcome submissions of all levels of technical ability. If you have a gifting in visual art that you would like to develop and/or share, you are the ideal candidate. All entries will be considered and selections made by an anonymous jury.


Guest Artists at a Limner Gathering are just like a participating Limner.  They participate in the 7-day workshop in which we create ALL the work for the exhibition. Guests will participate in all the discussions and activities scheduled for the week.  We encourage Guest Artists to also participate in all of our devotional and communal times together.  This requires that a Guest Artist will be able to set aside at least 8-10 days for the whole Gathering.
While each Gathering is different, Guests (as well as Limners) are responsible for their own transportation costs, art supplies, and personal costs during the Gathering.  In the past we have been able to subsidize or cover these costs, but we can never know the situation.  We also ask that a Guest Artist would prayerfully consider their participation.  We believe that although participating in a Gathering has benefits to the artist, Limners and Guests are there to serve the Host community with their gifts.
If you have prayerfully considered your participation and align with our mission, we welcome you to apply.