Jerry's Artarama

Generous supplier of art materials

Jerry's Artarama has generously donationed canvases for the 2010 Joplin Gathering and art supplies for the 2009 Orlando Gathering.  Their continued support of tLS is a blessing to our organization.  They free the Limners and Guest Artists from material limitations so they can bring their ideas to life and share them with their thirsty audience.


Host of 2009 Limner Gathering

AWE, Arts Worship Experience, and Orlando Community Church, was generous in funding of artist lunches, studio rental, and more for the 2009 Orlando Gathering. It may be obvious to say, but we really wouldn't have been able to have the Gathering without their contributions.

Rod Granberry III

First Board Member

Rod Granberry III came alongside tLS in our infancy as our first and only Board Member for a time.  His commitment to several years of printing our cards at his expense and contributing time and prayer to our efforts was a great sacrifice.  Rod's gift of service and substance has helped us continue our pursuit of our mission.