Cindy Woolery

Guest Artist 2010

Cindy Woolery's education in illustration and printmaking has allowed her to have original works of art and portraiture hanging in homes and businesses throughout the United States.  Today, however, she has made her art her ministry. She says, "I have been “listening” rather than “making”, my art lives and breathes. Rich jewel tones and precious metals lace through intricate stained-glass-like mixed media paintings. Every painting begins with prayer and scripture, and is accomplished through His grace. I believe the greatest gift I can give to God is myself, beginning with the gifts He gave me; I believe the greatest gift I can give the world is a way to see His holy Word."

Krystal Fullwood

Guest Artist 2009

Krystal Fullwood a traditional and new media artist born in North Carolina. She enjoys traveling nationally and internationally. Her work is often abstract or fantasy like in nature taking her cultural and environmental encounters and recreating them in new and different ways. She also likes to explore human relationships and social issues. Her work is fueled by the desire to draw closer to the Creator by exploring and expressing different facets of human life.

Phyllis Thomas

Guest Artist 2009

Phyllis Thomas has a degree in Secondary Art Education but has spent the last 37 years in full-time ministry with her husband as staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. The last 10 years have been devoted to expanding her art making to include community involvement, of which the Limner Gathering was a natural addition.

“The 2009 Limner Gathering in Orlando was a milestone in my art making. It was my first community-style format where both making art and preparing the works for exhibition took place in one space and in one week. I learned a lot from other participating artists, which enhanced my own work and caused me to take risks by trying new techniques that added fresh expression in my work.

The involvement of the church community through SOTA and the evening meals added to the enrichment of meeting local church members and gave additional opportunities to share the vision and mission of the Limner Society. Ministering to the homeless on the streets added a depth we hadn’t even considered. It fulfilled my vision of whole-community involvement, all with a message of the Hope that is in me.”

Pat Zalisko

Guest Artist 2009

Pat has wonderful childhood memories of painting intricate Ukrainian eggs, pysanky, one of her first creative experiences. This distinctly feminist art form was developed thousands of years earlier and has ritualistically been taught to Ukrainian girls and women. Born and raised in New York City, she was encouraged to pursue a practical career as an attorney.  She retired from a successful legal career and fully embraced her passion for painting in her new environ of New Smyrna Beach. Pat broadened her innate knowledge by studying with such instructors as Steven Aimone and Harold Garde, both of whom recognized her talent and commitment to creating art. Over the past several years, she has spent the greater part of her time painting and her work has regularly appeared in major private and public collections in the United States and abroad.

"An instant camaraderie formed among the Limner artists. Within 24 hours of arriving, the 12 of us forged friendships and a strong support system.  Many of us were new to the Limner Society. My fellow artists were all accomplished, talented professionals who shared a deep faith. Besides relying upon one another for artistic guidance and knowledge, we provided each other with spiritual wisdom and inspiration. I formed friendships with all of the participating artists and hope to work with them again.
Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this enriching experience. You have reminded me that we as artists are blessed with a special gift that must be shared with others in a manner that benefits our community."

Kari Jordan-Diller

Guest Artist 2005-6

Kari Jordan-Diller has enjoyed creating as long as she can remember - a favorite memory is digging clay from the stream bank behind her house in Thailand for early "sculptures". Natural objects and materials continue to be her primary source of inspiration as they draw her closer to her Creator. In recent years her focus has been on linguistics leading her to complete a PhD from Arizona State University.  Currently, Kari and her family live in Southeast Asia. The Limner Society continues to be a source of artistic inspiration and she participated as a guest artist in 2005 and 2006.

Melinda Horsey

Guest Artist 2003

Melinda Horsey is an encaustic painter whose conceptual style combines abstract expression with representation. Her work gleans from her life experiences, having lived in Sub-Saharan Africa and Germany throughout her formative years. She studied art and psychology at Taylor University and continued her education at Boston University, where she was able to learn from John Walker, Richard Raiselis, and John Moore. With a heart for missions, she currently works for the JESUS Film Project in Orlando, Florida, assisting with strategies that reach the Americas and Europe.

She upholds the belief that integrity in the arts brings communities closer to knowing the ultimate Creator. Melinda’s contribution as a guest artist in tLS's second year (2003) shows her strength in art making and her love for delicate beauty.