Keren Baltzer

Volunteer Editor

Keren Baltzer is the wife of Limner, daniel Baltzer, and the copy chief for Guideposts magazine in New York City. She has contributed to nearly every written or published document from the Limner Society as a proofreader and/or editor.
As the head editor of Illumine, tLS's devotional guide, she works countless unpaid hours compiling, editing, working with the writers and finalizing the layout.

“I have enjoyed working with the Limner Society in the capacity of editor and proofreader. I've had the privilege of editing most of the copy that has become Limner text. I've especially enjoyed working on the Illumine devotional guide and the brochures that Limner has put out throughout the last few years. The written word is very important, especially to the visual artist's audience, and I'm glad I can contribute to making it the best it can be in whatever media outlet Limner is pursuing."

Phyllis Thomas

Volunteer and Prayer Partner

Phyllis Thomas is a watercolor/mixed-media artist and has a calling for making art that visually translates a personal spiritual message. She has given the last 10 years to providing opportunities for faith artists to support one another and to find ways of offering work to the general public through the Bezalel Gathering and the Arts Worship Experience in Orlando. The Limner Gathering was a natural addition to her calling. She was enriched by the relationships developed during this event and now wholly supports their mission through intercessory prayer for future events, the Limner artists and their concerns.

“As a volunteer for the 2009 Limner Gathering in Orlando, I can say this was one of the most exhilarating, exhausting, inspiring, and spiritual experiences I’ve had. The administration of hosting the Limners as well as guest and visiting artists took many hands and minds. We had a marvelous Planning Team, which put many hours into the event and produced what we’re told was one of the best events to be held in the CityArts Factory in downtown Orlando. The Lord’s provision of people, venue, funding, accommodations, and supplies was beyond what we could have imagined.”