An acronym for artists of Christian faith: daniel Baltzer, Mixed medium under wax, 2010winner child - daniel: daniel Baltzer, Mixed medium under wax, 2010
FILLFoundation, Identity, Landscape, & Logistics.


Finding that there exists a need to educate and edifiy visual artists and their contribution as it relates to the Christian faith, the Limner Society believes that addressing this need will no doubt have a positive impact on placing artists of faith and their work in its proper place within the culture at large. 


In order to discover champions for this cause and develop a momentum we developed a series of lectures called State of the Arts (SOTA) that emphasized the need to engage our culture within the domain of the visual arts.  We chose to direct this effort toward the leadership of the Church.


Logically, it follows then that education, edification, and encouragement of visual artists of Christian faith (AoF) are a main concern of the Limner Society. FILL, is an acronym that represents four focused areas for aligning our faith with our art making.  The intent of this strategy is to assist artists of faith in establishing a biblically based foundation for the Arts and their role of artists in God’s greater plan.


Limners seek to share these ideas and to facilitate a dynamic discussion among people who encounter them with regularity.  Out of these discussions we hope to aid an artist of Christian faith to better answer the question, "what is important to pursuing a “ful-FILL-ed” life?"