Orlando, 2009Dinner Discussion: Orlando, 2009


The Gathering was the genesis of tLS and continues to be our primary program. It is basically a weeklong art-making workshop followed by an exhibition and auction of works created. It is the program that most defines tLS because it hits all three targets of our mission: edifying the church, creating art in community, and participating openly in the cultural dialogue.

We begin by offering a presentation to the host community leadership and members. This is the State of the Arts program (see the “State of the Arts” description). The presentation is aimed at educating leaders about visual arts and its intrinsic value. We hope they will see ways of utilizing visual art in their community and sharing these ideas with their community members.


Further, the Limner artists host an open studio and discussion meals (forums) during the studio week to generate conversation about the chosen theme of the Gathering. This increases the dialogue between the host community and the artists.


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 Orlando 2009Limners and Guest Artists: Orlando 2009Next, we gather artists who include: Limners (current members), Limner guests (selected by a jury), and studio visitors (from the host or local community) to create art in community, based on a common theme. Art making in community allows a healthy dialogue that can challenge and sharpen the artists’ concepts. Our connection to the host community and fellowship in spirit helps establish the integration of our faith in the art-making process. Also, a diverse community of artists can create an atmosphere that encourages the refinement of techniques and application. We hope this short exposure to art making in community will inspire artists to build their own community of trust where they make art so that they may be challenged, encouraged, and pushed to lift the level of their art toward excellence.

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 Orlando, 2009Opening of "Art of Enduring": Orlando, 2009

Finally, we bring this discussion to a wider audience and take our place in the greater cultural dialogue. We exhibit the works created from the studio week in a public exhibition and silent auction. We hope to impact the community surrounding our host community and share our voice. We hope that people’s value of art is heightened and that they are encouraged toward patronage through the auction. This gives them the chance to continue the dialogue and helps to further the mission of tLS.