The “State of the Arts” (SOTA) program is an interactive presentation and workbook created to educate people in leadership about the history of art in Christian culture, contemporary art and culture, the value of art, and the redemption tactics we feel can cause a visual arts renaissance in Church and society. The SOTA is an integral part of our Gathering (see Gathering description) in that it lays the foundation for this program’s scope and reach. However, the SOTA can be used as a standalone program to educate leadership on these issues and develop the groundwork for local arts initiatives.


 Melinda Horsey, Encaustic on panel, 2009Energy Night: Melinda Horsey, Encaustic on panel, 2009

Topics discussed in the SOTA include:

  • An introduction to tLS
  • A biblical foundation for visual art
  • An overview of the history of Early Christian Art through Reformation
  • An overview of cultural trends in visual art from Reformation to present
  • A brief discussion of worldview
  • The Church’s objections to art
  • Valuing art properly
  • Opportunities for engagement
  • Rebuilding the relationship between the Church and visual art and artists


We are currently working to create four different SOTA versions to fit the needs of your community: 1 ½ hour Introduction, 1-4 hour sessions, 2-4 hour sessions, or 4-2 hour sessions.

These versions will include a Teacher’s Manual, Workbooks, and a DVD.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, or would like details about the next scheduled event, email us